Thought for today
1st April 2018
James' introduction to todays readings.


Good, but unexpected news is difficult to take in and believe. The Resurrection was a world changing, unique event. The women came to the tomb, expecting to find the brutalised, dead body of Jesus. Instead theythey found an empty tomb, and an angeloffering wonderful but unbelievablenews.

Jesus had risen;sin and death have been conquered; evilhad been ultimately defeated; love had won the day. Love, looking defeated,was victorious! But these first witnesses were so shocked. In time, Jesus’ first followers would relate the empty tombto the visions of theprophets, like the one in today’s first reading, of a holy mountain, a community of peace and mutual thriving of all creation, held in God’s love, no more tears, no more death. But for now, they were struck with fear in which hope was beginning to dawn.

By the time when St Peter stood up and witnessed to the Resurrection the good news had had time to sink in. Peter had been forgiven for deserting and denying Jesus, and renewed and empowered by the Holy Spirit. In the reading from the Acts, we hear the transforms Peter boldly proclaim the Good News.

Like Peter, it is the work of the Church to continue to live and proclaim the Good News in word and deed. In our worship today, let us receive the Good News with deepening, empowering joy, in the Lord’s Holy Word, and in the risen life of Jesus coming to us in bread and wine.


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