Current News - Church attendances for School admissions.

St Mark’s Heyside

Church school admissions:

attendance criteria during restricted Covid opening of Church.

Those parents who are anticipating their Children applying for places to attend one of the local Church secondary Schools will be aware that Attendance at Church is one of the criteria when places are oversubscribed.  The Attendance at Church of both Child and Parent is recorded each week and figures are then made available when the application forms are being submitted.  In the case of our two most local schools that can be for 4 or 5 years.

During the past 12 months there has been no recording of attendance because the availability of places to attend Church has depended on whether the Church was open and what capacity the Church could accommodate safely under the Covid-19 guidance for 2m safe social distancing.

As the National Lockdown now starts to ease, we have been advised that we should start to record attendances on the same way we have done in the past pre-Covid-19.

We are therefore advising all parents that this may affect, that in order to attend Church, you must follow our Covid-19 Worship instructions and the Booking procedure.  During the Autumn period when Church was open we can report that Church never exceeded 50% of our safe working capacity and there was always space for Church members to return.  This may not be the case as we start to open up again now.

We would dearly like to welcome everyone back to Church and certainly, we do not wish to see any of our Children’ s chances of successfully applying for the school of their choice due to being unable to attend.  We understand that there are people in our congregation who will still be under instruction from their GP or NHS to shield, or who are classed as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable, who may consider attendance at Church too great a risk at the present.  We are advised that, having been shown documentary evidence that someone in the household is shielding then they would be exempt for that period of time from attending Church and can be credited with attendance marks. 

There is also the possibility that should Church attendance increase (as we hope it would) then we may not be in a position to admit everyone who wishes to attend.  Under such conditions, we would also credit attendance marks.  In this case, you would be given preference to attend future weeks to enable everyone to benefit fairly.  Both the crediting of attendance marks and the booking for future weeks would be recorded at the point of booking with the Church Warden.

Church Wardens

John Corbishley & David Brookes.