Current News - Church attendances for School admissions.

Church Attendance for School Admissions

The purpose of this statement is to clarify that:

The Diocese of Manchester, the Church of England nationally, and the Schools Adjudicator, have agreed a direction of travel, whereby church attendance after 1st September 2020 will not be counted towards school admissions for as long as numbers attending church services are limited. This is the current situation: Anglican Churches are not operating at full capacity because they are prioritising the safety of those attending (for example by physical distancing). This reduces the number of people who can be safely accommodated in churches, during the global pandemic.

Not all Admissions Policies of schools and academies currently correspond to the above statement. The admission authorities of many Church of England schools and academies published their policies before this direction of travel was agreed. Some policies will need to be amended and consulted upon. However, the paragraph above summarises the current thinking and direction of travel of the Diocese of Manchester, and the schools and academies within it.

We encourage you as parents, where possible, given the necessary limitations on numbers attending public worship, to maintain your usual patterns of church attendance, and to be aware that records of attendance are currently not being kept by Church of England Parishes.

Supplementary application forms for Bluecoat and Crompton House Schools for entry in September 2021, have been returned to those who submitted them.  If you are applying for your children to go to Blue Coat or Crompton House schools in September 2021, and haven’t yet submitted your forms, please let me have them by Sunday 18th October 2020 so they can be completed and returned to you by Sunday 25th October 2020.  I will make arrangements with you personally for the return of forms.John Corbishley.