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Welcome to St Mark’s Church, we are OPEN !



Our vicar, Revd. Liz Devall writes:

"Although legal restrictions were lifted last week, we want to do our best to keep people safe in church.  

Therefore, even though it is no longer mandatory, we would strongly encourage you to continue wearing masks in church, and to use hand sanitiser.  We will now have two congregational hymns. If you wish to sing you must wear a mask.

The front pews will have reduced social distancing measures in place but we ask you leave space near the aisles. For those who would still prefer to remain socially distant, pews at the back will remain 2m socially distant and churchwardens will continue to direct you to your pew.   When moving around church you should wear your mask. If you wish to remove your mask to receive communion, you should remove it, sanitise just before you receive communion, then place it on again immediately, before sanitising again and returning to your seats.

Please still continue to book in with Churchwarden Dave Brookes and indicate if you wish to remain socially distant.  We will continue to collect test and trace information for the next few weeks. 

We will be easing things gradually and only when we feel it is safe and sensible to do so. We would be grateful for your co-operation with this. Any changes made will be under constant review. " 

Revd. Liz.


In order to ensure that our Sunday Eucharist services is as safe as possible for everyone we ask that you follow this guidance.

Some changes to our Eucharist service:

  • Please continue to book in with Dave Brookes (0161 633 0642) so that we can comply with the advice to continue to record attendances for the NHS Test and Trace system.  This will ensure there are no bottlenecks entering Church whilst we collect the data for you and your household.   It will also allow us to ensure we have room for everyone, and have enough wafers.
  • We will have some places still set out for 2m social distancing as previously, if you wish to remain at full social distance from others, please inform Dave when booking in.
  • Whilst it is not mandatory to wear a face mask throughout the service we would strongly recommend everyone to still wear one when moving about Church.
  • We will be singing our first and last hymns, we insist that anyone wishing to sing wears a face mask.  We would also ask that, in order to protect our neighbours that we wear a face mask when entering and leaving Church, remember there are still many who are considered Clinically Extremely Vulnerable.  Face masks are not for your benefit but to protect others.
  • On entering Church we will still be taking temperatures and want everyone to sanitise your hands.  Please, do not touch anything that you don’t need to.
  • Only the seats for those wishing to Socially Distance will be allocated on arrival. 
  • If you wish to sit with others, then the front pews will be unallocated and available to you.  We will be keeping the ends of pews clear so that others can pass by safely.
  • Keep children in your seat and under your control.
  • At “The Peace” we still advise no Physical contact so we do not intrude on people’s space.
  • We will take communion (in the form of wafers only) at the front of Church.  The vicar will stand between the altar rails and the congregation will go up the Centre aisle, starting from the rear pews and progressing forwards under the guidance of the Church Wardens. 
  • You may remove your face mask but please sanitise your hands before receiving Communion and hold your hands out for the Priest to place the wafer on your hands.  Replace your mask then sanitise your hands before returning to your pew via your side aisle.
  • At the end of the service leave all information, Hymn Books and Service Booklets on the pew rail.  We will leave Church from the back pews first under the guidance of the Church Wardens
  • Toilets will be available in the Lower Hall before, during and after the service.  Please follow the cleaning instructions provided.

If you have tested positive or, have symptoms of Covid -19 or have been told to self-isolate (by NHS, NHS App or school), DO NOT ATTEND CHURCH.