Mothers Union + Gravetalk by Rev. James Read
18th October 2017
Eucharist in Church at 7:30pm followed by MU meeting at 8pm.

Our speaker tonight will be Rev James Read - "Gravetalk".

Grave Talk Wednesday 18th October, 7.30-8.30pm, St Mark's Hall

As Christians we have nothing to fear about death, yet if you are like me, we do. It’s not easy to think about death or plan own funeral, even writing a will can be something to be avoided. Talking about death, dying and funerals is important but rarely done. Such conversations raise big questions that we need to face at any age, but it’s hard to talk and think about these issues.

GraveTalk is a way in to begin to think gently about these big questions, in a safe, supportive environment. The conversation is facilitated by GraveTalk conversation cards.

Events have been held in locations across the country, and people of all ages have gathered to talk and share their thoughts about death, dying and funerals.

We are organising such an event in St Mark's church hall on Wednesday 18th October, 7.30-8.30pm.

What happens at a GraveTalk event?

When we arrive we will be asked what we would like to drink and invited to sit at a table with three or four others. The GraveTalk cards will be on the tables, and each group picks a question and uses it start a conversation. It doesn’t matter if you only use one question – or work through all of them! The purpose is to talk and listen.

Light refreshments will be offered throughout the event, which will last for about an hour.


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