Thought for today
4th February 2018
James' introduction to todays readings.


we keep today as the Feast of 'The Presentation of Christ in the Temple': 'Candlemas' for short. We have transferred this Festival from last Friday, 2nd which was 40 days since Christmas Day. In Jewish law 40 days after the birth when parents were required to 'present' their first born son to God in the Temple in Jerusalem, also the time for his mother's 'purification'. We hear of Simeon and Anna two aged holy people, who longed for the coming of the Saviour of the world, whom they recognised in Jesus. But is saving act was to be costly, 'a sword shall pierce your own heart too' Simeon said to Mary.

With this festival we complete our celebration of the Saviour's birth, and now look to our keeping of Lent, Holy Week and Easter.

Could parents please supervise their children with the candles which we will be lighting at the end of the service.

Reflection during Holy Communion or at home.

Simeon saw something very important and unique in the baby Jesus. Here was the one long promised long ago who was to bring forgiveness for all people and nations, bringing us into the possibility of close fellowship with God in this life, living as God's servants. This is not just for this life but continues on into eternity, serving God and living in unity and love as brothers and sisters, children of God.

God knows you have potential, your life has purpose, whatever age you are. You are called to serve. Like all people, we have potential to bring good to others, through who we are and the lives we lead. How are you bringing a fuller life to others now? Consider the work you do and your places of work and leisure, your home and family... How might God be calling you to shine brighter with his love in the world now and on into the future?


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