Thought for today
18th February 2018
James' introduction to todays readings.

In our Gospel Reading Jesus has gone into the wilderness to try to understand who he is, and his purpose in life. There he confirms his priority in life is serving, worshipping, and trusting his Heavenly Father. It is love that gives him strength to obey and overcome the temptations that beset him.

Like Jesus, loving service, worship and growing trust in God must be our priority, but we never quite get there.. Lent is a time particularly devoted to aligning our life, the Church and the world to God's will. If serving, worshipping, trusting God is the first priority of our life, how does it show in us, particularly in the money we give to our church?

Let us be thankful for all that God offers us through the the sharing of our resources to create the life of our church. If we wish to continue to exist and thrive, we need each one of us to give sacrificially. God will and can only work through us, by our willingness and sacrifice. A huge challenge, but then think Jesus' struggles away from the temptation of a self centred life, and chose instead a life of self giving love to bring life to us all.


Lent is a time for us to get our priorities more in line with God’s priorities. What do you intend to do this Lent towards this end? We all have some choice in how we spend our money - think of the widow's mite, that she gave away so so much of what she had. Ask: are the choices I make in my spending choices led by God? What tempts me away from God's way in my spending, and all my other choices in life ? How much are my activities and priorities led by a desire to love, serve and worship God?


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