Thought for today
25th February 2018
James' introduction to todays readings.


Where does true beauty lie: in models parading the catwalk in designer clothing; in football played at its best; a sun drenched beach; in a man, full of love, nailed to a cross? Something to think about as we listen to Jesus cry, 'If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.'

It is by denying our self-centred, self-serving selves and giving ourselves to God in love, ('the way of the cross') that we uncover our true, God made selves. This is a life long struggle, Lent is a time when we renew our efforts to grow our true beauty.


What might you learn about yourself from the self-serving, closed mindedness of Pilate, the Chief Priest and the soldiers? What might you learn from Veronica about your calling from God to become your true self? What particular effort are you making this Lent to 'offer your soul and body to be a living sacrifice...', and thereby uncover your true beauty?


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