Thought for today
4th March 2018
James' introduction to todays readings.


In today’s Gospel we hear John's account of Jesus 'cleansing' the Temple in Jerusalem. He saw the money changers, and then the buying and selling of animals for sacrifice a corruption of true worship. The trading cheated and exploited the poor and made a few people unjustly rich. Jesus action infuriated the religious leaders, who held Temple worship 'close to their hearts'. That blinded them to the new and full way that God was at work in Jesus. This action, and many others threatened the leaders' power and status. To protect themselves they conspired to break the sixth commandment,'You shall not murder'.


It is easy to condemn the religious leaders of Jesus' day. But can you identify with them and feel empathy for them? Here are some thoughts to wrestle with this Lent.

We all hold people and things 'close to our hearts' But ask, do they make me deaf, blind and closed to the presence and way of Christ?

If we are honest, we all act in our own self interest to a greater or lesser degree. Jesus on the cross sets us an extremely hard example to follow - self giving, loving action for the good of all. Do I, could i follow this way?

Jesus' teachings and behaviours ask us to make changes in our actions, thoughts and words. The religious leaders were not prepared to change. There will be changes we have definitely no wish or intention to make. But Jesus always stands before us gently calling us to follow him. Can I soften my heart and grow in my desire to embrace and strive to follow his whole way?


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