Thought for today
11th March 2018
James' introduction to todays readings.


What are the qualities of true human beauty? Looks, figure, strength, speed, elegance, slimness, muscles???

St Paul lists some rather different ones in our first reading: ‘compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, patience, supportiveness,forgiving, loving, peaceful,thankful, wise, joyful, serving God in evening that they do.

All of these qualities are difficult, costly, and take out time, talents, effort, and sometimes bring hurt, in body and mind. Our Gospel Reading makes this clear in Simeon’s words to Mary, ‘a sword shall pierce you own heart too’. Her underlying beauty was displayed in her mothering of Jesus, its costliness in all that happened to Jesus, the grief of a mother.


Just how beautiful are we in these eternal qualities? Be thankful for the opportunities in your life that you have been given to mother others. Ask, what am I doing this Lent to become more beautiful and grow in my mothering? Ask, how can I support others who are suffering from the costliness of mothering, people near and far, known and unknown?

Be thankful for the people who have mothered you. Reflect on how costly that would have been for them. Think too, and bethankful for those who mother you now. Be thankful for the mothering you have received from others.


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