Thought for today
25th March 2018
James' introduction to todays readings.


Today marks the start of our annual journey with Jesus through the most important week ever. Our service starts with the commemoration of his entrance into Jerusalem on a donkey, by which Jesus proclaimed himself as servant King of love and peace.

Later we will hear Mark’s account of Jesus Passion and death. In the story we hear how Jesus longs longs to be released from the cross, yet his desire to submit to his Father’s will. It is a terrifying ordeal where he faces unfashionable physical and emotional pain, even theutter abandonment by friends and Heavenly Father. Within the utter darkness are glimmers of light, in his loyal friends and in his loving commitment to his Father and all creation. May our service today move us and deepen our love for, and submission to Jesus.

Communion Reflection to use during the Administration of Holy Communion or/and at home.

Think about the disappointments that Jesus faced:

He came to his own and his own knew him not;

friends who betrayed, denied, and ran away from him;

People filled with mocking, hatred, venom, who treated him as a thing, expendable;

And in such a barrage of hate, his total love of God for all…

Feel the warmth, the life of such love in our singing and prayers, our listening and hearing, our handshakes and fellowship, our eating of bread and drinking of wine.

Pray that we, the whole Church will be filled with that same love for his world and all that he has made.


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