Thought for today
22nd April 2018
James' introduction to todays readings.


In today’s Gospel Jesus describes himself as the Good Shepherd, we the Church are his sheep. Unlike the British shepherd, the middle eastern shepherd leads from the front and hopes his/her flock will follow. Jesus hopes that, we his sheep, will follow. He declares in the Gospel: ‘They will listen to my voice’

Do we: personally, as a church, as the world?

If not, then who or what does lead us? Who or what influences us?

In our first reading we hear a little of the life of the very early Church. Were they listening, hearing, following? We hear about Peter, healed from the devastation of his denials, act with courage and faith in the danger of hostility.

May our worship together open and strengthen us to listen, hear, and follow.


Ask, how do I feel when I hear or read these words from Jesus: ‘They will listen to my voice’?

Do I, does St Mark's, does the world listen, hear and follow?

If not, what do I intend to do about it?

In first century Palestine, there were many competing shepherds: Romans, Greeks, Pharisees, Sadducees, social class groupings, family norms, Zealots (Jewish terrorist groups)… in our own day there are also many competing shepherds: our families, our work place, our social class, our national norms, our prejudices, different media, Face book friends and bullies…Ask, who leads me? Where does Jesus stand in me, in the array of potential Shepherds?

What signs can I see, or have felt of Jesus being the shepherd of St Mark's. Are we listening to, and listening to his voice?


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