Thought for today
29th April 2018
James' introduction to todays readings.


Our Gospel Reading today describes us as branches of Jesus, the grape vine. We are all joined to Jesus and dependant on him for our life, and feeding. As branches of the one vine, we are also joined to each other; interdependent. Apart from the vine, we wither and die. To thrive we need pruning. To prune people means clearingall that blocks out the life of Christ, and the activities that sap our energy, attention andtime away from loving andserving him. Freed, we can then bear spiritual fruit like kindness, gentleness, generosity, humility… and the all important love that St John describes in our second reading. Such a focus in loving and serving Christ meant that when the infant church in Jerusalem was ravaged and dispersed, followers like Philip kept oncourageouslyloving and serving. His love for all and desire to serve led to him accompanying the Ethiopian along his journey of faith, and the foundation of the Ethiopian church.


What might be the clutter of your life, that comes between you and Jesus, preventing you from receiving his life through worship, the sacraments, prayer, scripture and fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ?

What is disabling you from loving and serving Christ? Common impediments to us serving and loving Christ include the love of money,worldly ambition and status, self-centredness, jealousy and envy, but there are many others…


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