The Brigades Early History

St Marks Heyside Company No. 470

In January of 1895 St Marks Heyside Company was enrolled with the CLB as a Company of Senior Corps members in the North Battalion of Manchester Regiment. The Company had an up and down start, being disbanded on 30th June 1902 before being re-enrolled on 6th February 1905.  The Company started a JTC section which was enrolled on 2nd April 1914.

The end was in sight when the Senior Corps was made dormant on 21st December 1922, the JTC section was disbanded on the 26th March 1923. The Senior Corps finally disbanded on 3rd April 1930.  

We have no details of the staff at the time or any of the activities,  The one surviving record is a photograph that we have of the Company on Parade on the old Vicarge lawn, probably around 1918.  The photo shows the Company band and the members of the company carrying rifles as would have been the case then as an Army Cadet corps.  Significantly, the present War Memorial outside Church has not yet been installed.

The Brigade did not resurface in Heyside until September 1968 when the Current Company was formed.  

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